Consumer Electronics

● Smartphone / Tablet PCs
Motion sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers are de-fault equipped with all kinds of smart phones. Magnetometer provides geographical position, mainly used in navigation map rotation at slow motion or standing still. Emerging applications, including augmented Reality (Augmented Reality) and Virtual Reality (VR), request for precise direction heading by magnetometers.

● Wearable devices
Wearable devices, such as the smart watches, smart glasses, generally are equipped with magnetometers. Magnetometer for wearable devices must feature hysteresis effect, small size and low power consumption.

● Navigation devices
High end navigation models use magnetometer to enhance azimuth heading when user is standing still or in slow motion. As mostly being applied in car, anti-magnetic interference is necessary. So low hysteresis is important.



● Consumer


● Industrial

● Internet of Things