● Current sensor
Hall sensor can measure the current of DC, AC and combination waveform. It is suitable for detection of high current without power loss and compact size. It is a low cost solution for industrial applications.

● Linear position sensor
Magnetoresistive (MR) array can measure the movement of object on top of magnet array. It is a high accuracy for position sensing and non-contact sensing solutions. So it is suitable for use under oily and dusty environment in the factory.

● Hall switch
Hall sensor switch is often used in industrial control applications, such as motor control and automation systems. Hall sensor switch has a high dynamic range, easily magnetic saturation and other characteristics, suitable for large magnetic field measurements.

● Automobile Industry
Monitoring: Magnetoresistive effect sensor is to determine the angle and speed of mechanism in car. Anti-brake, engine control and transmission control system must embed magnetometer for monitor purpose.



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● Industrial

● Internet of Things