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  • What’s the advantages of iSentek’s magnetometer?
    To sum up, advantages of iSentek’s magnetometer are:
    1.The first team to commercialize magnetic impedance technology with mass production and extensive application experience.
    2.Comprehensive hardware and software track record to support world-class mobile phone and tablet customers.
    3.Pin-to-pin compatible with mainstream magnetometer product and platform verified on key baseband chip models.
    4.Supply chain with world leading foundry and package/testing house providing reliable and high quality products.
  • What application can iSentek’s magnometer support besides mobile phone?
    There are many applications, including industrial, automobile, military, aerospace, and survilliance, for iSentek’s magnometer. We have customer with these application. And recently we have design in and mass production in quadcopter/UAV and VR hlmet application.
  • Are there any new application of magnetometer for mobile phone?
    Mangometer works as a precise heading mechanism to help gyroscope when conducting GPS guideing. However, as VR and AR technology is emerging, designer request for higer output data rate(ODR) for smooth human/VR interaction. Low cost VR helmet using mobile phone for image display is one kind of application for VR.
  • Please compare iSentek’s magnetometer to competitor’s hall effect product?
    Anisotropic magneto resistive (AMR) is a newer technology than hall effect technology. Below is the comparison of major difference between the hall effect competitor’s and iSentek’s slution.
  • How to optimize system design to enhance anti magnetic interference effect?
    There are two level factor to be considered. The first is component level. As performance of component is the threshold of that of the system, low hysteresis magnetometer is preferred. The second level is board level design. iSentek provides PCB design guideline and consultant service for customer to optimize system level performance.
  • What is the impact of temperature drift for Hall effect-base magnetometer product?
    For user with extreme temperature, cool or hot, direction heading of magnetometer occur errors. Based on real case measurement, the Hall effect based sensor might have more than ±5° error for condition below -20°C or above 40°C.
  • What’s the advantage of iSentek’s soft-gyro?
    Software gyroscope can work with output of magnetometer. The software gyro we provides can save customer cost of hardware gyro while allow end-user have better performance in gaming and VR application.

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