Core Technologies

Magnetometer Technology


Our team bring the first magneto-impedance commercialized product to the market. Propriety technologies include Ultra-Low Remanence Magnetic Flux Bending Technology, Dual-Directional Magnetic Setting Mechanism, Low Power Consumption Technology, and High Output Data Rate. There are also track records of mass production and customer support from the team.

Accelerometer Technology


The 3-axis accelerometer comprises piezoresistive sensor and control circuit to detect the acceleration of a system. Then use ADC to convert the sensor output into digital signals. It is developed under cross-country cooperation between iSentek and Japan to speed up the process of commercialization.

Supply Management of MEMS IC


iSentek establishes strategic partnership with world-leading semiconductor foundry and package/testing house to ensure the quality of product and supply chain. iSentek develops propriety testing and verification method to ensure the quality of product while at the same time saving cost.

System Integration and Customer Support


iSentek provides hardware support, for example evaluation of placement of the IC on PCB, for customer about how to optimize the design to enhance overall azimuth heading performance of the system. Software support for embedded system and popular operation systems are provided for clients to solve driver and algorithm issues.


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