Analysis of robustness of heading capability of e-compass on drone system


Common reliability issue of tri-axis magnetometer under high temperature or reflow process


Short distance and high bandwidth wireless communication technology ready for innovative IoT applications.


No. 166 “Trend outlooking” issue of New Communication, 2014.

Emerging sensing technologies for IoT


Micro-Electronics (2014/11/19)

Two-directional magnetic setting technology for easy-to-use and precise digital compass.


No. 165 and No. 166 “Trend outlooking” issue of New Communication Journal

Emerging sensing technologies for IoT and key MEMS sensor suppliers


Micro-Electronics (2014/11/10)

iSentek’s MEMS Combo sensor grabs share from IDM suppliers.


Micro-Electronics (2014/10/16)

Combo sensor is emerging into mainstream. (2014/09)


No. 163 “Technology foresight” of New Communication

iSentek debuts 8/S-gesture free and calibration free digital compass


DigiTimes 2014/07/01


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