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Linear Hall Sensor

《IST8110 AMR Current Sensor》
iSentek IST8801 is a digital linear hall sensor to measure magnetic flux intensity. It is an integrated chip with magnetic sensors and control ASIC with 16-bit ADC output. IST8801 provides an I2C digital output with fast mode up to 400 kHz. Wide dynamic range operation, high resolution and compact form factor features make it the best candidate for handheld, wearable and IoT devices.

•Single chip linear hall sensor with digital output
•Compact form factor, 1.33 x 1.33 x 0.53mm3, 9-pin WLCSP-BGA package
•I2C slave, Fast Mode up to 400kHz
•High dynamic range of maximum ±40.96mT
•High resolution of maximum 0.3125 uT/LSB (16-bit setting with 10.24mT dynamic range)
•High output data rate of maximum 500Hz
•8~16-bit adjustable data output
•Operation Temperature -40~85oC
•Built-in oscillator for internal clock source
•Power on Reset circuit

•Magnetometer for external magnet detection
•Lid opening angle detection
•Displacement detection
•VCM modules


● Three-axis

● AMR Current Sensor Module

● ASIC Design


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