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iSentek CEO maxlai speak at Fert Beijing Institute Topic: ”Highly Integrated TMR Magnetic Sensor”


Abstract: Driven by the rapid development of modern technology, magnetic-based sensing plays a crucial role in these technologies, such as heading information for the navigation, angle sensing, current sensing and leakage sensing for the electric vehicle and smart grid. Advanced application requires high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low power consumption, high temperature stability and compact size.
Conventionally, the TMR sensor has been made by the multiple chips design, even for the single sensing direction, as there are multiple pining directions. This makes the compact size and the orthogonality become very challenging. iSentek has the core technologies to build full Wheatstone bridge with integrating TMR elements into one chip. We can integrate multiple directional pinned TMR element into one chip or using single pining direction TMR element to build full Wheatstone bridges for multiple direction sensing. The core technologies solve the traditional challenges of TMR, which will make it ubiquitous for the coming advanced ap-plications.

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