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iSentek Inc. debuts the most compact three-axis AMR magnetometer for consumer electronic application


iSentek Inc. debuts the most compact three-axis AMR magnetometer for consumer electronic application 2016/3/29 (New Taipei City, Taiwan) iSentek claims its new product, IST8305, is the most compact three-axis single chip AMR magnetometer in the market. With physical dimension only 1.28mmx0.88mmx0.53mm and low hysteresis/anti-interference performance, it is designed to fit miniature and reliable geographical heading requirements of IoT era. Major applications of the product are consumer electronics devices including smart phone, smart appliance, IoT gadgets, VR/AR helmet, and navigation equipment.

Max Lai, Chairman/CEO of iSentek explains: “IST8305 is an MEMS-based IC integrating sensing circuits and computing circuits onto a single die. It adopts WLCSP package technology to further shrink device size. Current magnetometers in the market adopts multi-chip package, using multiple dies as sensing circuit and computing circuits are made by different process respectively. iSentek's propriety technology allows manufacturing various components of a magnetometer using common CMOS semiconductor process. Simplified process enables compact size and lower cost as well.”

“IST8305 utilizes AMR magneto sensing technology and features low hysteresis performance.” Max elaborates: “Instead of emphasizing direction heading performance only, iSentek's design principle is to achieve robust anti-interference capability at the same time. For IoT or autonomous equipment, frequent recalibration or heading error caused by magnetic hysteresis/interference is not allowed. Magnetic field from surrounding electronic devices like smartphone, tablet computer, speaker, headset, and motor, when closing to a magnetometer, could permanently distort direction heading capability of later. IST8305's low hysteresis can significantly reduce impact of magnetic interference. ”

IST8305 is a single chip three-axis magnetometer. Featured 5-pin WLCSP-BGA package, dimensions are length x width x height, 1.28 x 0.88 x 0.53mm3, respectively. It supports I2C slave interface, fast mode up to 400kHz. Maximum Output Data Rate is 100Hz and low hysteresis is <0.05%FS. Currently samples are available and mass production starts since May, 2016.

About iSentek Inc.

iSenteck Inc. is established in June, 2011 and headquartered at New Taipei City, Taiwan. The company is a fabless semiconductor design house specializing in motion sensor. Its core competence is design and sales of MEMS(Micro electro mechanical systems )-based sensor and development of complementary software and service. iSenek provides total motion sensing solution to consumer and industrial applications. Customers list covers makers of smart phone, navigation device, drone/UAV, VR/AR helmet, robots, and IoT equipment. Company website is:

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