Linear Hall Sensors


1.3 x 1.3 x 0.53 mm9-pin WLCSP
I2C interface
Dynamic range: ± 40.96 mT (max.)
ODR: 500 Hz (max.)
Resolution: 0.3125 uT/LSB
8~16 bit adjustable data output   

Interrupt function


iSentek IST8801 is a digital linear hall sensor to measure magnetic flux intensity. It is an integrated chip with magnetic sensors and control ASIC with 16-bit ADC output. IST8801 provides an I2C digital output with fast mode up to 400 kHz. Wide dynamic range operation, high resolution and compact form factor features make it the best candidate for handheld, wearable and IoT devices.


Ultra-compact package size 

Ultra-low hysteresis (~0.1 %FS)

Low suspend current of 0.5uA

Wide operating temperature range

High precision temperature compensation

Built-in self-test function

Built-in noise suppression filter

Software and algorithm support available (For tilt compensation, soft/hard-iron calibration)

Block Diagram


Magnetometer for external magnet detection

Lid opening angle detection

Displacement detection

Angle detection (Dual IC)