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Isentek Inc. is a fabless semiconductor firm focusing on magnetic sensing-related technologies, with headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Since 2011, Isentek's magnetic sensing technologies have been extensively utilized by global leaders in the consumer, industrial, and automotive sectors. In devices such as smartphones, drones, AR/VR helmets and gloves, robotics, smart parking, gimbals, etc., our sensors detect orientation and motion. Furthermore, we provide precise leakage current detection for human safety in automotive applications

Our strengths include both high-quality integration products and customized solutions. Isentek's sensing design encompasses Hall effect and magnetoresistive technologies, as well as other specialized technologies that we have invented. Our ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) are optimized for both high-speed digital interfaces and low-noise analog circuits and interfaces. Isentek is ISO9001-certified, and all of our supply chain partners in Taiwan and China are top-tier foundry, packaging, and testing companies.

Countless customers have been able to resolve their magnetic sensing issues and optimize their products with the assistance of our company. For instance, Isentek has collaborated with the user to develop a dual-magnetometer architecture to enable the remote flying capability of the drones in an environment of magnetic disturbance. Isentek offers a high-frequency sensing mode to assist the accurate up-and-down motion for pop-up camera lens applications. Additionally, we also offer a variety of operation modes and algorithms that make smart locks truly intelligent. These are merely a few of the instances of Isentek's customized work.


Company Mission: To develop advanced sensing solutions for future technology

Company Vision: Sensing the world for a smarter lifestyle


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