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iSentek lectures at Sensor China MEMS sensor seminar on 9/12, 2016


Dr. Joseph Yuan, Senior Manager of Sensor Development of iSentek presents

“New generation magnetometer for novel applications on portable devices”

in Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sourcing during Sensor China Exhibition. Below is summary of the speech.

Driven by the rapid development of various portable devices and novel applications, the requirement on performance of a magnetometer evolves quickly. Conventionally, a magnetometer in a portable device supports navigation related functions. For this sort of applications, an angular tolerance of +/-10 degree will not cause serious problem for users. Nevertheless, for the emerging technologies and products including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) used for gaming and drone for photography or filming, the requirements on a magnetometer becomes different. For drown application, not only very low noise and hysteresis are essential, structure robustness is also a key factor. In the case of VR and AR, high output data rate (ODR), low noise and low power consumption are more crucial. The focus of this lecture will be placed on the development of specification of a new generation magnetometer for portable devices.