3D Magnetic Sensor


IST8306|e-Compass,3D Hall-effect Switch,3D Magnetic Sensor,TMR,Angle Sensor

0.8 x 0.8 x 0.53 mm3  4-pin WL-CSP,
I2C interface
Dynamic Range: ± 3000 uT of each axis,
Output Data Rate: 200 Hz
Sensitivity: 330 LSB/Gauss
Hysteresis: < 0.1 %FS
Linearity: < 0.1 %FS 


iSentek IST8306 is a 3-axis digital magnetometer . It is an integrated chip with 3-axis magnetic sensors, digital control logic, built-in temperature compensation circuit and self-test function. IST8306 provides an I2C digital output with fast mode up to 400 kHz. The high output data rate, ultra-low noise, ultra-low hysteresis and excellent output stability over working temperature range make it a perfect product for high applications requiring high outstanding accuracy.


Ultra-compact package size 
Ultra-low hysteresis 
Low suspend current of 0.5uA
Wide operating temperature range
High precision temperature compensation
Built-in self-test function
Built-in noise suppression filter
Software and algorithm support available (For tilt compensation, soft/hard-iron calibration)

Block Diagram

IST8306|e-Compass,3D Hall-effect Switch,3D Magnetic Sensor,TMR,Angle Sensor


Smart phone/ Smart watch
IoT Devices