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IST8101|e-Compass,3D Hall-effect Switch,3D Magnetic Sensor,TMR,Angle Sensor

4.0 x 4.0 x 0.85mm3, 32-pin QFN package
Analog and I2C digital output
Dynamic range: ± 500 uT
Output Data Rate: 200 Hz
Sensitivity: 660 or 1320 LSB/Gauss
Hysteresis: < 0.1% FS
Linearity: < 0.1% FS

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IST8101 is an ASIC chip to control and process the signal from the magnetic current sensors. It enables the contact-free measurement of both the AC and DC current with high accuracy within the full operating temperature. With an intelligent switching design, IST8101 reduces the electrical offset and offset drift to an extremely low level.  
IST8101 integrates multiple functions in one chip, which includes: multi-vibrator with duty cycle detection, digital-to-Analog convertor, fault detection, feedback and self-test circuits. It provides the analog output signal which is proportional to the primary current, the alarm flags and self-test functions compliance with both IEC 62752:2016 and UL2231, overcurrent detection and reference output. IST8101 has embedded E-fuse memory to store the sensor parameters and chip configurations. IST8101 can also drive a feedback coil to achieve wide measurement range. I2C interface for digital output and communication are also available for various configuration's setting.



Drive and sensing the inductive magnetic sensor 
Measure both the AC and DC current with high accuracy 
Intelligent switching design to utilize extremely low electrical offset  
Alarm flags and self-test compliance with IEC 62752 and UL2231
AEC-Q100 compliance


Block Diagram

IST8101|e-Compass,3D Hall-effect Switch,3D Magnetic Sensor,TMR,Angle Sensor



Residual current measurement in EV charge cable
Leakage current measurement

System power consumption

Current sensing in invertors