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We take great pride in developing innovative solutions that harness the power of magnetic sensing to improve industrial applications' efficiency, precision, and reliability. Our wide variety of magnetic sensing products offers unmatched performance and precision, empowering industries to overcome obstacles and discover new opportunities.

Linear Hall Sensor: Our high-precision linear Hall sensors are designed for precise detection and measurement of linear or rotational motions. These sensors convert magnetic field changes into reliable output signals with exceptional linearity and sensitivity. From position tracking in machinery to speed control in automotive applications, our linear Hall sensors ensure optimal performance and safety.

3D Magnetic Sensor: Our state-of-the-art 3D magnetic sensors bring magnetic field detection into a new dimension. These sophisticated sensors provide real-time data on field intensity, direction, and orientation to provide a comprehensive understanding of magnetic fields in all directions. iSentek's 3D magnetic sensors improve spatial awareness and overall system performance.

Current Sensor: iSentek's current sensors are designed to accurately monitor electrical currents, allowing industries to optimize performance, guarantee system safety, and expedite control procedures. These sensors are utilized in motor control, power management, and energy-efficient systems due to their high-resolution output and exceptional linearity. You can rely on our current sensors to provide accurate measurements for vital industrial operations.

Angle Sensor: Numerous industrial applications require precise rotational angle measurement. Our angle sensors offer precise and dependable measurements, enabling industries to achieve optimal performance and control. From robotic arm positioning to machine calibration, our angle sensors ensure accurate and reproducible angular measurements, thereby improving productivity and system efficiency.

Magnetic Switch: Our robust and dependable magnetic switches will simplify your sensing needs. These capacitive switches provide reliable activation and deactivation in the presence or absence of magnetic fields, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into industrial systems. Whether it's for proximity detection in security systems or speed sensing in machinery, our magnetic switches offer adaptable and resilient solutions.

We are committed to the highest levels of quality, performance, and creativity. Our magnetic sensing technology has been meticulously designed to meet the most stringent industrial standards, ensuring seamless integration and operation within your systems.