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3D Magnetic Sensors for Enhanced Intrusion Detection

In a world where security and convenience go hand in hand, Smart Lock emerges as the epitome of cutting-edge home protection. Our magnetic sensors revolutionize the landscape of intrusion detection with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

A New Era of Intrusion Detection: The security of homes and establishments has always been paramount, and our 3D magnetic sensors stand as a testament to our commitment to advancing safety measures. By harnessing the power of magnetic sensing, these sensors excel at detecting the slightest changes in magnetic fields, particularly in doors and windows, to determine potential intrusions.

Elevating Intrusion Detection with 3D Technology: Our magnetic sensors go beyond traditional single-axis sensing. With their 3D detection approach, they perceive magnetic fields from all directions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and eliminating blind spots. 

Unraveling the Advantage of Low Magnetic Hysteresis: The preference for low magnetic hysteresis in our 3D magnetic sensors holds the key to unparalleled performance. As most doors and windows are constructed from magnetic materials like steel, cobalt, and nickel, our sensors excel at precisely discerning even the subtlest changes in magnetic patterns. This characteristic ensures heightened sensitivity, enhancing the overall security and effectiveness of intrusion detection.

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