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1.6 x 1.6 x 1.2 mm3, 12-pin BGA package (IST8210S)
3.0 × 3.0 × 1.0 mm3, LGA-16 Package (IST8210D)
I2C interface
14-bit resolution
1000 Hz bandwidth
0.25° angle error


iSentek IST8210S/D is an anisotropic magneto-resistance (AMR) digital magnetic angle sensor which detects the orientation of a magnetic field. It is an integrated chip with magnetic sensors and control ASIC with 14-bit ADC output. IST8210S/D’s two sinusoidal output signals (Sin(2θ) and Cos(2θ)) reflecting the angle θ between the sensor and direction of magnetic field are generated for the calculation of absolute angles within 180 degree. IST8210S/D operates in saturation region therefore has high tolerance to process and temperature variation of magnet and the alignment error of PCB mounting. Both end-of-shaft and side-shaft mounting configurations are supported. iSentek dynamic calibration algorithms are provided for the users to obtain an angle error of 0.25°.



I2C digital output with fast mode of 400 kHz.
0.25° angle error with iSentek dynamic calibration algorithm
Low current consumption of 1.3 mA
Low suspend current consumption of 2.5 uA
-40 to +85 °C Operating Temperature


Block Diagram



Smart watch crown
Linear Motor
General purpose angle measurement (180° absolute)
Incremental or absolute position detection for linear or rotational motion
Rotational speed measurement
Valve control
Automatic applications