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The reasons for choosing iSentek are:

1. We have extensive expertise in designing, engineering, and producing magnetic sensors.

2. Comprehensive hardware and software track record to support our customers.

3. Verified pin-to-pin compatibility with standard magnetometers and platforms on major baseband chip models.

4. Our supply chain, which includes world-class expertise in foundries, packaging, and testing, enables us to provide reliable and high-quality products.

There are many applications, including industrial, automobile, military, aerospace, and surveillance, for iSentek’s magnetometer. We have customers with these applications. And recently we have design and mass production in quadcopter/ UAV and VR helmet applications.

Typically, a magnetometer serves as a precise heading system to assist the gyroscope in GPS navigation. As VR and AR technologies emerge, however, designers require a higher output data rate (ODR) for human/VR interaction to be seamless. One of the new applications that utilize our magnetometer is a VR helmet that uses a mobile phone to display images.

Anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) is a newer technology than hall effect technology. Below is the comparison of a major difference between the hall effect competitor’s and iSentek’s solution.